Preparing for your winter vacation in Lake Wallenpaupack, PA

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Winter in the Poconos is a beautiful time filled with a lot of wonderful options for winter fun. If you’re visiting our wonderful area, we are certain you’ll have a blast. However, it’s always important to be prepared to make sure your fun never stops. For some great tips on preparing for your winter vacation in Lake Wallenpaupack, PA, read on!

What to Wear

Poconos winters can be pretty cold so it’s important to bring thick, cozy layers. You’ll never go wrong packing a few sweaters or turtlenecks especially if you’re going skiing! Leggings that are great for heat and wicking away sweat are also a great choice to bring. You’ll always want to make sure you have a nice, weatherproof jacket. Gloves and hats are also a great thing to pack. Hand and toe warmers will be your best friend when you’re navigating the snowy trails.

What to Pack for Your Car

A great winter tip for your car is to always have the following things in your car:

  • Salt

  • Ice Scraper

  • Shovel

  • Brush

  • Anti-freeze

What to Pack for Food

We have a lot of great supermarkets and restaurants in the area so you won’t be wanting for any food unless you have something specific you want to bring. Our homes are all equipped with a lot of cooking supplies so that you can prepare a wonderful family meal! Be sure to check our FAQ’s section for your rental property to see what supplies it has.

What else?

A lot of our homes have a wonderful fireplace or outdoor fire-pit and there is wood you can pick up from the local gas stations or supermarkets. Before buying any though, please make sure to check your information sheet to see if there is a fireplace and if wood will be provided.

At Weichert Realtors - Rental Division, it is our team’s priority to make sure you have the best Poconos vacation possible. If you have any further questions on what to bring, please give us a call today!