FAQ's for Camp Ugly Wolf

If you've booked your vacation at our gorgeous property, Camp Ugly Wolf, please read this FAQ to learn more. Please note, our staff compiled a comprehensive list of all appliances, items, etc. in the property; if it's not listed in the Answers, the house does not have it. Want a printable list of the property items? Click here to download!


Q: What is the minimum age to rent this home?

A: The minimum age of the primary renter is 30 years old. This is true for all our homes and there are no exceptions. This applies to prom, graduation, and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Q: Is smoking permitted?

A: No. 

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: No.

Q: Does the house have air conditioning?

A: Yes, there are mini split units in each of the three bedrooms upstairs and a large mini split unit in the living room enough cooling for the entire top floor. The lower level stays naturally cool and there are oscillating fans if needed.

Q: Are linens provided?

A: Yes.

Q: Are towels provided?

A: No.

Q: Does the property have a fire pit? Am I allowed to have a fire outdoors?

A: Yes, there is a fire pit and burning is allowed outdoors. However, always make sure there isn't a burn ban in place before building a fire.

Q: Will the GPS take me to the house or will I need directions?

A: The GPS will take you right to the house!

Q: Is there parking at the house? How many cars can we park?

A: Yes, there is a private driveway and can accommodate 3-4 cars. If you will have more than that, please call.

Q: When is check-in?

A: 4:00PM

Q: When is check-out?

A: 11:00AM

Q: What do we do with our garbage?

A: Use the cans in the garage. Pickup day will be specified in the welcome book.

Q: Do I have access to community amenities?

A:  This is a private lakefront home.  There are no amenities in this community.  


Q: Is the home lakefront?

A: Yes

Q: Can I bring/rent a powerboat?

A: Yes, though they are seasonal (May - September/October) so you should make sure the docks are in the water first!

Q: What size boat can I bring?

A: All boat sizes and all motors!

Q: Can you swim in the lake?

A: YES! Every lake in the area - big or small, private or public - is safe to swim in. If there is a dock, you can swim off the dock.


Q: How many beds are there? What sizes are they?

A: 7 beds: 3 queens, 4 twins.

Q: How many bathrooms are there?

A: 2 full baths: 1 shower, 1 shower tub.

Q: How many TVs are there? What size are they?

A: 2 large flatscreen TVs. One in living room upstairs and one in Family Room downstairs.

Q: What Entertainment options does the house have?

A: We want your vacation at our rental properties to be as comfortable and fun as possible. We provide a lot of options for entertainment such as Netflix, a Smart TV, a DVD Player, a Stereo, a BluRay Player, Cable, WiFi, and HDMI Ports. 

Q: What other options for activities does this house have?

A: This house has Board Games for a great Family Game Night!

Q: What appliances does the Kitchen have?

A: To ensure our property has a homey feel for you and your family to feel comfortable, we make sure to stock the kitchen with basic supplies. This house has a:

*Fridge * Freezer * Stove * Dishwasher * Microwave * Toaster * Toaster Oven * Coffee Maker * Blender * Mixer * Panini Press * Electric Water Heater * Griddle * Brita Filter * Large Pots and Pans * Large Bowls * Silverware * Plates & Bowls * Cups * Glasses * Wine Bottle Opener / Corkscrew * Baking Pans * Cutting Boards * Serving Platters * Knife Set *

Q: What other amenities does this house have?

A: This property also has a Washing Machine, Dryer, an Iron/ Ironing Board, a Vacuum Cleaner, Hair Dryer, and Hangers. 

Q: How many does the dining room table sit?

A: 12: 8 at the table and 4 barstools.

Q: How many does the living room sit?

A:  The upstairs living room sits 7 and the downstairs family room sits 6 around the game table and 7 on sectional couch.   

Q: Does the house have a fireplace / wood stove?

A: Yes, there is a wood burning fireplace.

Q: Do we have to bring our own wood?

A: Yes for both inside and outside.  Please remember no pine is to be burned inside.

Q: What kind of grill does the property have?

A: Charcoal Grill and Propane Grill

Q: Do we need to bring propane or charcoal?

A: No, both are always included at our home.

Q: Are there water toys/ life jackets/ beach chairs available?

A: No.