Housekeeping & Maintenance

Q. If I clean the home myself, rather than using your cleaning services do I still  have to pay?

A: Yes.  Our housekeepers meet very strict guidelines and also perform the home inspection.  In order to maintain consistency, they have specific procedures in place to prepare each home for the following guests.

Q. We’ve run out of toilet paper. What do we do?

A: We provide a starter kit of supplies only. If you think you will need more than what is provided, please make sure to bring some with you.

Q. We can’t find any paper towels or dishwashing detergent. Can you bring us some?

A: You will receive a Digital Welcome Book prior to your arrival that will tell you what you need to bring.  Normally we provide one roll of paper towels and one roll of toilet paper per bathroom to get you started.  You will need to provide more for the rest of your stay. 

Q. Will we need to bring or buy coffee filters?

A: The appropriately sized coffee filters are provided in all our homes, so there’s no need to purchase filters.

Q. What if we need help during our stay?   Are there instructions at the house?

A: You will receive a Digital Welcome Book prior to  your stay. There, you will have access to all your house instructions. However, if no instructions are found or if you need further assistance, you may contact our Guest Support Services at the number listed in your Digital Welcome Book or posted at each house.

Q. I am allergic to pet dander and other smells, but I want to stay in a pet friendly home. Is there any way to ensure that I won't be bothered by them for my stay?

A: All our homes are thoroughly cleaned after each stay. However, we are unable to guarantee that you will not have a reaction to a home that has been regularly occupied by pets.

Check-In & Check-Out

Q. What are the check-out procedures?

A: Check-out is at 11:00 AM (unless otherwise stated).  All lights and ceiling fans should be turned off.  All windows and doors must be closed and locked.  Refrigerator should be emptied and all trash placed where indicated.  Dishes should be washed and put away.  Any furniture moved during your stay should be placed back in it's original location.  If linens are provided they should be left on each bed.  If amenity badges are provided they must ALL be accounted for and left in the designated area or returned to main office (community specific, please check your Digital Welcome Book for more details).  Place key back in lock box.  Complete review of the home when requested. 

Q. Do I have to check in by a certain time?

A: Check-in is at 4:00 PM and guests can arrive any time after. There are strictly no early arrivals. If you arrive early, it may result in the cleaning staff leaving prior to the home being completely cleaned. At that point, you will accept the house as-is.

Q. Do you allow early check-ins?

A: There are some cases when early check-in is available. If that is the case, we will email you the morning of your stay to inform you that an early check-in option is available. Please note that we will not be able to confirm or deny an early check-in request prior to the day of check-in due to our cleaning schedules. An early check-in is dependent on whether or not the housekeeper has time to fully clean the home before your arrival. If guests are checking out the same day that your reservation begins, an early check-in is not allowed as it will not allow the housekeeper enough time to fully prepare the home for you.

Q. Can I get a late check out?

A: Late check-out is sometimes available if we do not have another reservation checking in. There is a $100 fee that will need to be paid for in advance through PayPal.  If you pay for late check-out you will have the home until 5pm the day you check-out.  We will only be able to confirm late check out 3 days prior to your arrival. 

After Your Stay

Q. What is your lost and found policy?

A: We will return your lost item to you if you call us within two weeks of your departure date.  We do charge a $25 fee, plus shipping to cover the cost of labor, drive time, and postal fees to be paid for via PayPal.  Any items not claimed within two weeks will be donated to a local charity.

Q. Loved my stay! Is there a place where I can write a review?

A: Absolutely! A request for a review will be emailed to you on the final day of your booking. Please let us know how you enjoyed your time in our beautiful area!

Q. I want to come back next year.  Do I book with Weichert or go through the booking site? 

A: Please feel free to book directly through Weichert by contacting us directly.  We do not charge booking fees!!

Booking & Cancellations

Q. How old do I need to be to reserve a home?

A: The minimum age of the primary renter is 30 years old. This is true for all our homes and there are no exceptions.

Q. Can I rent this home for prom?

A: No prom parties for any of our rentals. There are no exceptions.

Q. Can I bring more people than the maximum allowed listed? Do infants count toward the maximum occupancy?

A: Maximum occupancy does not only refer to the number a home can sleep, this is also the number of people allowed in the home at any given time. This includes infants (children under 2).  It is determined by the licensing authority based on the number of exits in the home and fire safety evacuation plan. Some counties or HOA's have codes that are strictly enforced. Please abide by the maximum occupancy number for the home at all times.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A:  Each property is different, please contact a member of the Rental Team for the policy related to a specific property. 

Q. How can I modify my reservation, and are there any fees associated with that?

A: Please call us at 570-390-4555 to help you modify your reservation or email with your changes. There could be additional fees depending on the change occurring. 

Q. Do you have monthly rates for your homes?

A: Each property is different, please contact a member of the Rental Team for the policy related to a specific property

Q. Would I need to sign a rental contract for renting a vacation rental?

A: By booking a reservation, guests acknowledge and agree to abide by our rental policies. Some of our homes will require you to sign a reservation contract agreeing to policies that are specific to that home. We ask that you review and sign the contract and return it to us via email or fax.

Q. What is the difference between a hotel and a vacation rental?

A: All of our vacation rentals are owned by private homeowners and can be preferable to hotels for a number of reasons. They are typically more comfortable, offer kitchens for preparing meals and are more accommodating to those traveling with children and/or pets. Vacation rentals also offer a wider variety of accommodations which enables them to fit any vacation need, be that a mountain home for 25 or a beach cottage for 2.

Q. How do I pay for a reservation?

A: We accept checks and PayPal payments. 

General House Rules

Q. Is smoking permitted?

A: Smoking is not permitted inside any of our homes.  This includes cigars, hookah pipes, e-cigarettes and illegal substances.  If guests choose to smoke outside they must also dispose of cigarette butts and clean up ash residue.  Any breach of these house rules will result in total loss of the security deposit.   

Q. Are fireworks allowed?

A: Fireworks of any kind are not permitted at any of our properties.  PA law  prohibits non Pennsylvania residents from using fireworks and requires PA residents to obtain a permit. 

Q. Are firearms allowed?  Can we target practice?

A: No, no firearms of any kind are permitted to be discharged at any of our properties.  This includes BB guns, paintball guns and air soft guns.  Please see our Shooting Range page for acceptable places to target practice. 

Q. Are outdoor fires allowed? 

A: Please see individual property FAQ's.

Location & Access

Q. How do I obtain the keys?

A: We will email check-in instructions 7 days prior to your stay, including driving directions and the code to the lock box.

Q. The lockbox only has one set of keys. Can we get another set?

A: We prefer the keys stay in the lockbox so that each member of your party can access the home at any time. This will eliminate the need for multiple key sets. It also prevents the keys from getting lost.

Q. The home I’m interested in is located in a community. Are we allowed access to the community amenities?

A: Absolutely! We need to find a way to distribute information on available amenities and keep in mind that some homes have passes.

About The Lake

        Lake Wallenpaupack is a hydroelectric lake which means water is released from the dam for electricity purposes from June 1st every year through early October resulting in varying water levels and shoreline exposure during the summer.  The docks are also removed from the water each October to allow for the freezing and thawing of the lake and are put back in around April.  We can not guarantee docks will be in the water until Memorial Day (although they may be in earlier we do not guarantee this). 

Water levels will vary, however, there will be at least 4' of water at the end of any dock at any given time. This will allow plenty of room for any size boat to be moored at any dock.    

Q. Can we swim in the lake?

A: YES! Every lake in the area - big or small, private or public - is safe to swim in.

Q. Can I bring/rent a powerboat?

A: Yes, though you should make sure the docks are in the lake first!   See above statement regarding dock removal times.

Q. Do I need a special license to drive my boat on the lake?

A. No, you do not need a special license to drive your boat, as long as your boat is registered in the state you are from. 

Q. Do I need a special permit to park my boat at the dock, if the property I'm renting has one?

A. No, as long as there is a dock you are allowed to moor a boat at it.

Q. What size boats can the lake/dock accommodate?

A: Lake Wallenpaupack is a power-boating lake that can accommodate all size boats and motors.