FAQ's for Zuercher Big Woods

If you've booked your vacation at our beautiful Andiron Way, please read this FAQ to learn more. Please note, our staff compiled a comprehensive list of all appliances, items, etc. in the property; if it's not listed in the Answers, the house does not have it.

Q: What Entertainment options does the house have?

A: We want your vacation at our rental properties to be as comfortable and fun as possible. We provide a lot of options for entertainment such as Netflix, a Smart TV, a DVD Player, a Stereo, a BluRay Player, Cable, WiFi, and HDMI Ports. 

Q: What other options for activities does this house have?

A: This house has Board Games for a great Family Game Night!

Q: What Appliances and Supplies does the Kitchen have?

A: To ensure our property has a homey feel for you and your family to feel comfortable, we make sure to stock the kitchen with basic supplies. This house has a Fridge, a Freezer, a Stove, a Dishwasher, a Microwave, a Toaster / Toaster Oven, a Coffee Maker, a Blender, a Mixer, a Panini Press, an Electric Water Heater, a Griddle, a Brita Filter, Large Pots and Pans, Large Bowls, Silverware, Plates & Bowls, Cups, Glasses, Wine Bottle Opener / Corkscrew, Baking Pans, Cutting Boards, Serving Platters, and a Knife Set. This home does not have a Crock Pot or Roasting Pans.

Q: What other Appliances and things does this house have?

A: This property also has a Washing Machine, Dryer, an Iron/ Ironing Board, a Vacuum Cleaner, Hair Dryer, and Hangers. There is also a nice outdoor eating area for you and your family to enjoy a great homecooked meal. There is no Hot Tub or Private Pool.