Camp Ugly Wolf FAQ's


FAQ's for Camp Ugly Wolf

If you've booked your vacation at our gorgeous property, Camp Ugly Wolf, please read this FAQ to learn more. Please note, our staff compiled a comprehensive list of all appliances, items, etc. in the property; if it's not listed in the Answers, the house does not have it. Want a printable list of the property items? Click here to download!


Q: What is the minimum age to rent this home?

A: The minimum age of the primary renter is 30 years old. This is true for all our homes and there are no exceptions. This applies to prom, graduation, and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Q: Is smoking permitted?

A: No. 

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: No.

Q: Does the house have air conditioning?

A: Yes, during the summer there are window units in all the bedrooms. There are oscillating fans as well.

Q: Are linens provided?

A: Yes.

Q: Are towels provided?

A: No.

Q: Does the property have a fire pit? Am I allowed to have a fire outdoors?

A: Yes, there is a fire pit and burning is allowed outdoors. However, always make sure there isn't a burn ban in place before building a fire.

Q: Will the GPS take me to the house or will I need directions?

A: The GPS will take you right to the house!

Q: Is there parking at the house? How many cars can we park?

A: Yes, there is a private driveway and can accommodate 3-4 cars. If you will have more than that, please call.

Q: When is check-in?

A: 4:00PM

Q: When is check-out?

A: 11:00AM

Q: What do we do with our garbage?

A: Use the cans in the garage. Pickup day will be specified in the welcome book.

Q: Do I have access to community amenities?

A:  This is a private lakefront home.  There are no amenities in this community.  


Q: Is the home lakefront?

A: Yes

Q: Can I bring/rent a powerboat?

A: Yes, though they are seasonal so you should make sure the docks are out on the lake first!

Q: What size boat can I bring?

A: All boat sizes and all motors!

Q: Can you swim in the lake?

A: YES! Every lake in the area - big or small, private or public - is safe to swim in. If there is a dock, you can swim off the dock.


Q: How many beds are there? What sizes are they?

A: 7 beds: 3 queens, 4 twins.

Q: How many bathrooms are there?

A: 2 full baths: 1 shower, 1 shower tub.

Q: How many TVs are there? What size are they?

A: 2 large flatscreen TVs. 

Q: What Entertainment options does the house have?

A: We want your vacation at our rental properties to be as comfortable and fun as possible. We provide a lot of options for entertainment such as Netflix, a Smart TV, a DVD Player, a Stereo, a BluRay Player, Cable, WiFi, and HDMI Ports. 

Q: What other options for activities does this house have?

A: This house has Board Games for a great Family Game Night!

Q: What appliances does the Kitchen have?

A: To ensure our property has a homey feel for you and your family to feel comfortable, we make sure to stock the kitchen with basic supplies. This house has a:

*Fridge * Freezer * Stove * Dishwasher * Microwave * Toaster * Toaster Oven * Coffee Maker * Blender * Mixer * Panini Press * Electric Water Heater * Griddle * Brita Filter * Large Pots and Pans * Large Bowls * Silverware * Plates & Bowls * Cups * Glasses * Wine Bottle Opener / Corkscrew * Baking Pans * Cutting Boards * Serving Platters * Knife Set *

Q: What other amenities does this house have?

A: This property also has a Washing Machine, Dryer, an Iron/ Ironing Board, a Vacuum Cleaner, Hair Dryer, and Hangers. 

Q: How many does the dining room table sit?

A: 12: 8 at the table and 4 barstools.

Q: How many does the living room sit?

A:  The upstairs living room sits 7 and the downstairs family room sits 6 around the game table and 7 on sectional couch.   

Q: Does the house have a fireplace / wood stove?

A: Yes, there is a wood burning fireplace.

Q: Do we have to bring our own wood?

A: Yes for both inside and outside.  Please remember no pine is to be burned inside.

Q: What kind of grill does the property have?

A: Charcoal Grill and Propane Grill

Q: Do we need to bring propane or charcoal?

A: No, both are always included at our home.

Q: Are there water toys/ life jackets/ beach chairs available?

A: No.